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Cabinet Refacing Naples FL
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Naples FL
Cabinet Refinishing Naples FL
Cabinet Painting Naples FL
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Cabinet Stain Painting Naples FL
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Is your kitchen or bathroom cabinets looking like they are past their prime? Before you think about replacing your cabinets, you should consider professional cabinet painting & refinishing. The typical results can be extraordinary, but the savings equally impressive! Rather than undertake an expensive and time-consuming kitchen renovation, cabinet painting could be the perfect solution. 


We are the #1 Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Company in all SWFL, thousands of clients throughout Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral, FL have trusted us for over 30 Years! If your cabinets are in need of a new look give us a call & Ask for our Specials! (239)-747-7751
































  • Paint type: We usually work with latex or oil-based paints when painting cabinets because they provide the most professional finish. Both have their pros and cons. Latex will dry faster and is easy to clean up than oil paint. However, latex is not as durable as oil paint. Depending on the age and material of the cabinets, we might select one over the other. We can decide when we come out to give you an estimate and survey your project.




  • Preparation: We can't say it enough: thorough prep is critical to the long-term integrity of the finish. You will see us putting a fair amount of effort and time into prepping the work surface before we start. Given how much use your cabinets get, it's especially important to work with an experienced contractor like us. We know what it takes to ensure the finish lasts and your cabinets look good as new! Proper prep will also help ensure the results look professional! 



  • Painting: There are three ways to paint cabinets: spraying, rolling, or brushing. Of the three, spraying provides the smoothest and most professional finish. An experienced professional should do it using a professional-grade paint sprayer. Spraying also involves a lot of masking off of areas to avoid over-spraying. In some cases, we opt to remove cabinet fronts and doors and spray them outside of the home. Depending on your cabinet surface, we might have to strip the cabinets before painting, but we can discuss that during our evaluation. Sometimes, a client would prefer that we either roll or brush the cabinet rather than spray them. While that is possible, we usually warn a client that rolling sometimes leaves telltale marks. Whatever method or paint type we use, we do the best we can to ensure the smoothest finish possible. Lastly, depending on the cabinet's surface, brushing is sometimes an option. 



  • Quality: Besides using our professional-grade equipment, the quality of the paint matters a great deal. While we want to be respectful of budgets, we usually recommend that we use a good quality paint like a Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore



  • Clean-up: When you hire Giron Brothers Painting, you are engaging one of the best painting companies in the region. Our commitment to you is to be reliable, professional, and thorough. This includes preparation and clean-up at the end of each day and certainly at the end of the project. We show up, and we complete each project we undertake with integrity and reliability. If you would like to schedule a free consultation or click below!


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