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We're the #1 Garage Floor Coating Contractors in Naples, FL 

Epoxy floors can offer a durable and reliable surface for garages floor, commercial floors and industrial flooring.

Typically epoxy floor coatings are applied on top of a concrete floor in order to provide a flooring surface that can withstand the years and loads of the many days to come. Several residential, commercial, warehouses and the industrial building must have epoxy floors because of the need to maintain the floor in prestige condition and also because of its simplicity too clean epoxy floors.


Epoxy floor coating can offer several benefits in contrast to other typical coatings applied on top of concrete.

Here are some of the epoxy's benefits:


  • Ideal for garages, warehouses, and commercial building floors.

  • If applied by painting contractors can last several years.

  • Can be combined with other paint colors. 

  • Optimal safety by creating anti-slip surface, fire resistant and heat solution.

  • Able to withstand heavy and consistent trauma.

  • Requires bare maintenance.

  • Some Epoxy Floors can be painted with eco-friendly solutions.

  • Very Durable and easy to clean and maintain.

  • Epoxy Floors are quick and simple to install.

  • Prevents renovation of current concrete floor

  • Wipes super clean and resist oil and water beads.


Epoxy Garage Floors always require proper preparation as this step is vital the coating will last. The typical process consists of shot blasting acid etching and floor grinding in order to expose the concrete for the epoxy to be placed. This step is crucial as if any mistakes are made the epoxy coating will not stick to the surface intended resulting in having to repeat the entire process, costing time and money. One of the many reasons we advise to let the professional painting contractor to administer.


The great thing is we at Giron Brothers Painting have a 2-Year Warranty on all our services including Epoxy Floor Coating! Contact us to learn more about our current specials. One of the following steps is to make sure we patch and repair any damages we see including cracks in the concrete before we apply the epoxy. Unethical painters will apply just one coat of paint this is no bueno.


To have a quality long lasting epoxy floor coating its a must to have multiple coats of paint in order to ensure that the coat is resilient to all forms of trauma and will last for years. We typically like to place an epoxy primer first before the main coating is applied. Its common for cement floors to have moisture vapors from the ground up that goes through the concrete this is why we apply an epoxy primer as the primer creates a moisture barrier and provides adhesion for the following layers of paint.


The next step will be to apply the base coat or how some may like to call it the color coat. Depending on which base coat you choose or we recommend this sometimes will be applied without primer solely on the manufacturer's recommendations. this will add texture and density if you so desired. and finally the ''final coat'' which is typically called the clear top coat, the iconic finish that gives a glossy in-depth look.

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