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How to Choose Paint Colors

Are you ready to transform the look of your home? If the answer is yes, you should try professional repainting by a skilled and experienced professional contractor. As well-known painting contractors in Southwest Florida, Giron Brothers Painting knows it can be challenging to select a wall color. Sometimes a client knows exactly what the want, but sometimes a client has no idea. So how do you select a color? What would work or look good in your space? These aren't always easy questions, but there are somethings you can do to choose the best color for your walls!

Here are four smart tips for selecting paint color:

1. Creative inspiration: Color inspiration is all around you and, likely, all around the room you are thinking of repainting. What colors do you like in the room? Are you drawn to a particular color in the room? If you are still stuck, then look out the window. Sometimes the best inspiration is right outside your window in nature's palate. If you have a gorgeous view, you don't need to compete with it. Instead, you can draw exterior colors inside. Also, check out some online galleries on paint manufacturers' websites like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Pratt and Lambert. Look at and Pinterest for countless ideas!

2. Color psychology: Yes, color can influence your mood! Have you ever noticed how many restaurants are red inside? Red is supposed to increase your appetite. If you want to relax, then you should choose a soft green. For more information on color psychology, check out this interesting article: HGTV

3. What's in the room? What are the other colors in the room - such as the floors, furniture, or even curtains? Those colors can serve as inspiration for your color selection. If there is a color you like on a cushion, for example, you can take that color to a paint store where they can match it.

4. Put up a wall sample: Once you have chosen a color, it's always a good idea to buy several shades of that color and put them on the wall several days before we paint the entire room. (We can put up your samples for you.) But whether we do it or you, it's always a good idea to put up several color samples. Then check them at different times of the day and evening, under varying lighting conditions. Light can significantly influence color perception. Put up samples on more than one wall in the space. Choose a wall with natural light and one without it. You'll be surprised how different the color looks both in natural light and then at night with ambient light! We do not recommend painting samples onto cardboard because it's not an accurate representation of the color and it will not yield the same results as painting on the wall.

Once you've selected a color, how do you select a sheen? We can help with that, too! Paints come in a variety of paint finishes and it's important to get it right. Not all paint sheens can or should be used just anywhere. So, once you have decided on a color, it's time to turn your attention to paint sheen! Note that paint manufacturers tend to refer to the sheens differently. For example, one company might call a low-sheen paint eggshell while another calls it semi-satin. Flat can be called low-sheen. We can walk through the different sheen before we take on your project, but meanwhile, below are sometips for selecting sheen.

There are two critical things to know about sheen:

-- The higher the sheen, the greater the durability. Unfortunately, that also means that any imperfections or flaws in the wall and sheetrock are more visible with higher sheens. More surface preparation before painting is necessary.

-- Lower sheen (like flat paint) means any imperfections in the sheetrock are less visible but it's also a less durable paint. It's usually not washable, either.

Here are the types of paint finishes available and what they are used for:

Flat: Flat finishes are beloved by builders because they are so forgiving of wall imperfections. Flat paint is usually used in low-traffic areas and on ceilings. It's the most forgiving of all the finishes but it's also the least durable of all the sheens. For the most part, they are not washable, although some manufacturers now make washable flats.

Eggshell or Satin: Designers tend to love eggshell because besides looking fantastic on walls, it's also very versatile as paints go. Most are easy to wash and they do a medium job of hiding imperfections in the sheetrock. This sheen is in the middle of the pack when it comes to levels of sheen. We recommend using it anywhere in your home, even rooms with high traffic.

Semigloss Finish:

One up from eggshell, it's a good paint for our Southwest Florida humidity. It also reflects our Florida sunshine very well, is easy to clean and adds dimension to the look of your walls. Typically, we like to use semigloss in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, wood trims and other architectural detailing. it's a very versatile finish.

High-gloss finish:

Generally, we don't use high gloss everywhere but in very specific places. It is rarely used on walls unless you are going for a very glossy look like you might find with lacquer. It's not very forgiving when it comes to showing flaws in the sheetrock. Its appearance is shiny and it's an extremely durable paint making it ideal for trim, certain cabinets, and moldings throughout the house. This sheen involves a lot of advance prep work which can be worth it if there is a certain look you're going for in your home. It can look spectacular on some cabinets including kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

As experienced painting contractors in Naples FL Giron Brothers Painting can help you transform your home using paint color! We have built a longstanding reputation as skilled, reliable painting contractors across Southwest Florida. If you'd like a free no-obligation estimate, please contact us to schedule an appointment!

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